About Us

The Montague County Carpenter's Shop dba The Nocona Senior Center was established in 1987 by a Methodist Minister who started feeding about six elderly and disabled from his home. This vision today has grown to approximately 104 elderly and disabled that are currently being fed by the Center five days a week.  

Out of this 104 potential recipients only 27 are reimbursed by the government.   All of the other 77 seniors or disabled are paid for through sponsorships, donations, grants, local churches or fundraisers.   It costs approximately $1,188 to feed one person a year.


Therefore out of a total cost of $123,552 only $32,076 is reimbursed by the government.   The other $91,476 is raised through local generosity of the community.   This year especially due to COVID, our donations are drastically down, food costs have increased tremendously as well as utilities.  

In a small town of 3,033 population and three part time employees, The Nocona Senior Center prepares on an average 3,123 meals a month.   (This number includes take out and dining in).  

The Center also provides pet food for 28 recipients on our routes.   We deliver pet food every Monday morning to 27 dogs 18 cats and 1 bird.  Most seniors who have pets tend to live longer and have a reason to get up every day.